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Ally Wiccan
Vital statistics
Name Ally Wiccan
Species Witch
Physical description
Gender Female
Relatives *Marigold Wiccan (mother)
Further info
First appearance Sabrina, the Matchmaker
Last appearance Sabrina, the Matchmaker
Portrayed by: Alexandra Hart-Gilliams
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Ally Wiccan is the youngest daughter of Marigold and the sister of Amanda.


Ally visits her cousin Sabrina in the Mortal Realm with her mom and her sister. Ally is just as mischievous and bratty as her older sister is and is not too happy when their mom falls for a mortal plumber. Ally and Amanda use magic to drive him away but it leads to them being exposed as witches. After he incidentally betrays Marigold by telling his brother, the Wiccan family is stripped of their magic and is cast out into the Mortal Realm. Ally begins haphazardly coping to living the mortal way with the new family.

As Amanda got her magic back, it is unknown if Ally got hers back as well, as Ally never re-appears.


  • Alexandra Hart-Gilliams is Melissa Joan Hart's real life younger half-sister.
  • Alexandra would later return to the show to play young Zelda Spellman in the Season Seven premiere, "Total Sabrina Live!."
  • Despite annual appearances by her sister Amanda and several mentions of her mother Marigold, Ally is neither seen nor mentioned before or after her initial appearance.
  • Ally's magic looks identical to her older sister's. This is the first and only time we saw this with witch siblings.
  • Ally Wiccan is the youngest witch using magic in the series.