Alberto is a witch-turned-mortal who lives in Rome. He had a brief romantic relationship with Gwen in the TV movie, "Sabrina Goes to Rome."


Alberto's family was once a family of witches, but they were stripped of their magic and cast out of the Other Realm sometime in the past. Alberto's mother, Mrs. Guadagno, runs a hotel that provides room and board to witches when they visit the "eternal city." Gwen, Sabrina Spellman's friend, falls for Alberto but his shyness and deficiency with the English language, keeps him from verbalizing the reciprocation of her feelings.

Unfortunately, when Gwen tries to cast a love spell on him, she accidentally transforms him into a pigeon. She learns that in order to turn him back, she will have to kiss him..but first she has to find him. Gwen kisses nearly all of the pigeons in Rome until she finally finds Alberto who, as a pigeon, tried to expose Paul and Travis' scheme to expose her and Sabrina as witches. Alberto finally expresses his feelings for Gwen.