A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It is the 7th episode of Season 2 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Angry that Libby is having a Halloween party that pointedly excludes them, Valerie blurts out that she and Sabrina are hosting the most coolest possible party at Sabrina's house. When a reluctant Sabrina backs up her friend, she discovers that her aunts' new furniture delivery includes talking sofas who are infested with talking termites. And when Libby's bored guests crash her party, Sabrina conjures up the band, 10,000 Maniacs to distract her schoolmates, who assume everything that happens is a "cool" Halloween special effect, like the talking couch and chairs, the talking cat, and the river of candy corn that Hilda and Zelda incidentally make.



Guest starring

  • Scott Tyler Russell as Asher
  • David O'Donnell as Ramage
  • Howard Miller as Termite

Special guest stars

  • 10,000 Maniacs as Themselves


Zelda: I am so glad. I hate flying during the holidays. The traffic getting back from the Universe is always vacuum to vacuum.

Sabrina: You mean Halloween might actually be fun this year? Not that Grandpa’s game of "Find My Teeth" isn’t without it’s charms...

Harvey: My mom and dad say I’ve got to take my little brother and his friends trick or treating.

Sabrina: You're kidding! Did they just spring this on you?

Harvey: Yeah! They just now reminded me that they told me about it two weeks ago.

Valerie: How do we get to be friends with those guys?

Sabrina: I think we’d have to fill in a form. Do you know what I’d say to Asher if he talked to me?

Valerie: What?

Sabrina: (Weakly) Hello.

Valerie: That would take guts

Salem: A couch who's allergic to cats? Finally, someone whose life is more pathetic than mine!

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • New furniture drops into the living room.
  • The furniture talks.
  • Zelda tries to zap the furniture away but fails.
  • Zelda summons a termite mirror. Later Sabrina conjures one.
  • Quizmaster appears.
  • Sabrina turns Quizmaster into a pumpkin and then turns him back again.
  • Sabrina conjures 10,000 maniacs.


  • The night that this episode aired, Melissa Joan Hart crossed over as Sabrina onto Boy Meets World, in the episode called "The Witches of Pennbrook".
  • The episode title is based on "A River Runs Through It", a 1976 novella and 1992 film.
  • This is the second Halloween episode in the show.
  • Sabrina's quiz from the Quizmaster in this episode was for Sabrina to make a pumpkin. However, the quiz was a fake one. The Quizmaster just made it up because he was lonely.
  • Richard Steven Horvitz the voice as one of the chairs also voice Daggett Doofus "Dag" Beaver from The Angry Beavers which also starred Nick Bakay. He is the second actor from Power Rangers, first was Walter Jones, to guest star on the show.
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