A Halloween Story is the 5th episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When she's forced to attend a family affair on Halloween, Sabrina sends a clone to Harvey's party, where the simple-minded stand-in (who can only speak three sentences) agrees to streak naked in order to liven up the festivities, on the request of Libby. Meanwhile, the real Sabrina desperately tries to ditch her relatives: her obnoxiously snobby cousin Marigold and her brat of a daughter, Amanda, whose hobby is putting people who make her mad into jars.



Guest starring

Special Guest Star

  • Sally Jessy Raphaël as Herself


  • M'Lady: Salem, you're the only one that understands me.
  • Salem: Yeah... but it doesn't mean I care
  • "'Hilda Clone"': Let's get this show on the road.
  • "'Zelda"': You look nice, Hilda.
  • "'Hilda Clone"': Pass the potatoes.
  • "'Salem"': Someone's in a hurry.
  • "'Hilda Clone"': Happy Halloween.
  • "'Zelda"': Hold on. What color is my dress?
  • "'Hilda Clone"': Pass the potatoes.
  • "'Zelda"': Hilda, you are in big trouble.
  • "'Hilda"': Stupid double. Let's go.
  • Sabrina:Double, double, toil and trouble.
  • Salem: No doubt Shakespeare stole that from us. What a hack.
  • Marigold: Oh God, I'm going to be just like you!
  • (She runs away, crying)
  • Zelda: Oh Hilda, we just made her cry.
  • Hilda: Oh, how awful we must feel. Let's go.
  • Sabrina: You can't just put everyone you don't like in jars.
  • Amanda: That's what my counselor said: so I put him in a jar.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Hilda lights a lantern.
  • Hilda turns Sabrina into Sally Jesse Raphael.
  • Sabrina clones herself with a spell.
  • Sabrina makes clone say:'I would love to','That is so true',and 'Mr.Pool can be so annoying'.
  • Sabrina changes clone's outfit.
  • Zelda changes Sabrina's outfit.
  • Hilda clones herself (off-screen).
  • Hilda makes clone say: 'Let's get this show on the road!','Pass the potatoes!',and 'Happy Halloween!' (off-screen).
  • Amanda shrinks Sabrina and traps her in the jar.
  • Marigold shrinks and teleports Amanda in the jar.
  • Sabrina changes her outfit and conjures black bandit mask that covers her face.


To Clone Oneself

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman and Hilda Spellman off-screen)

Double double,
toil and trouble.


  • This is the first Halloween episode in the show.
  • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is a 18th century dress with a large bustle. Sabrina says, "Does this make my butt look big?"
  • This episodes marks the first appearance of Amanda who will make an annual appearance in every season, though in Season 7, she appears twice. Amanda is portrayed by Emily Hart, Melissa Joan Hart's real life sister. Amanda is based on a character from the comic books called Esmerelda. She is the last TV character to be taken from the comic books
  • Jenny and Mr. Pool don't appear in this episode (even though one of the sentences the double is programmed to say is "Mr. Pool can be so annoying").
  • This is the first episode in which Sabrina meets witch relatives.
  • Sabrina's granny is the only mortal relative of hers that we meet besides her mother.
  • Libby dressed as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Harvey dressed up as James Dean,and Sabrina (and clone), ironically, dressed as a witch.
  • The words of The Cloning Spell are taken from William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. More lines would be taken from this play for the spell to punish Sabrina's math teacher in Trial by Fury.
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