Irma zaps herself into Hilda and Zelda's home.

A Birthday Witch is the ninth episode of the sixth season and the 128th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina wants to spend her birthday with Josh but her Great Aunt Irma, the wicked matriarch of the Spellman clan, comes to visit from the Other Realm and decides to put Harvey on trial because she found out that he knows that Sabrina's a witch. Irma is determined to test him--in many horrible ways--to see where his loyalties lie. To get out of dinner with Josh, Sabrina tells him that she has to celebrate her birthday with only her family...but trouble arises when Josh walks by the Spellman house and sees Sarbina hugging Harvey.

Meanwhile, Roxie's ex-boyfriend Isaac Hanson of the rock-group Hanson surprises her by performing with his brothers Taylor and Zac, at the soup kitchen where she volunteers.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • This is the first appearance of Aunt Irma.
  • It is odd that Sabrina's birthday is celebrated in this episode when it is celebrated at the beginning of the school year in the Pilot, Sabrina Gets Her License, and No Place Like Home. This is because the episode was to have been the Christmas episode for this season. Following the 9/11 tragedies, the WB requested that its shows not make Christmas episodes so at the last minute, the Sabrina crew decided to rewrite the episode as Sabrina's birthday.


Sabrina: Aunt Irma? I need to talk to you, I know you're out there somewhere. (Irma appears with a flash of lightning)

Aunt Irma: What now? I was right in the middle of barbequing my brother in-law.

Sabrina: Look, I don't care if Aunt Hilda called you her pet name for dried plums, you had no right to turn her or anyone else into barnyard animals.

Aunt Irma: I beg your pardon, do you know to whom you are speaking?

Sabrina: Silence! It's my turn now and I wanna set the record straight. These two little piggies have done a fantastic job in raising me, and the third piggy...well, we'll get back to him later. The point is, they don't deserve your stupid punishment, if it makes you feel better taking your anger out on somebody, take it out on me.

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